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released August 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Zuzanna Matuszewska Poznan, Poland

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Track Name: Berlin
These People don’t need Parties.
These People need every day heroes
People who can speak for them.
People that will see in everyone’s eyes
the eyes of their momma’s crying.
These People don’t need Democracy
These People need freedom.

Freedom to pray and let pray
whoever wants to pray to whatever
they feel like praying.
Freedom to love and let love
whoever wants to love whatever they
feel like loving.
These People don’t need strong rulers.
These People need strong leaders.

Leaders who shall guide them not push them.
Someone that will take the lead not because
he’s superior but because he holds in his hands
the torch that illuminates the way.
Someone that will take the lead because that's taking the risk.
Someone that will go ahead because if he’s wrong,
than he shall be the first to pay the price.
These people don’t need ideologies.
These people need Ideas.
Ideas that shall open their minds, not blind them with doctrine.
Ideas that allow these same people to refuse that same ideas.
Ideas that assume itself as an idea not as the Truth.

These people are not demanding an utopia.
These people are claiming their own rights.
The right to live in their own bubble of oxygen and not be
affected by the ambition of a third.
The right to live not ruled by a money spinning system.
The right to die for their own battles.
The right to not fight someone else’s fights
The right to say enough when enough is enough.

These people don’t even want a good life.
The se people just want their lives back

Poem "These People" by Marco Couto